2D + 1D Imager Table Barcode Scanner Qr Barcode Scanners XB 8808


Model Number :XB-8808

The 2d desktop barcode scanner with good performance scanning, it is can switch to read only 1d code ,to prevent misreading adjacent 2d code. Quick speed and accurate reading barcode ,save time and improve work efficiency

Ksh. 10,000/- Ksh. 12,500/-

Product Features

1.Compatible with Linux,Android,Windows XP,7,8,10,MAC OS

2.1D barcodes read mode avoid misreading adjacent 2D symbologies

3.Fast and Accurate read most common 1D & 2D symbologies

4.Excellent at reading symbologies with transparent film

5.Soft Supplementary light friendly to eyes

6.Wide scan angle and long scan distance

7.Motion tolerance up to 3.8m/s

8.Three tones are optional

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