2D Barcode Scanner 2.4G Wireless Barcode Reader with USB Receiver XB-6208RB

XB-6208RB is a hot-selling model of wireless Barcode Scanner which is developed by Syble, Syble is a leading professional Barcode Scanner Manufacturer from China. This QR Barcode Reader have two wireless module, which is 2.Gr, it provides the Barcode Scanner for connecting to mobile devices like android tablets, iPad and smart phones, and the other way is connecting to desktop computer through a 2.4G data receiver.

Ksh. 5,500/- Ksh. 6,000/-


1. Can interpret various 1D/2D and support Chinese direct transmission of QR code

2. USB Bluetooth Receiver supports plug and play, easy to set up and quickly match

3. Wireless Bluetooth transmission distance: 30-50 meters(open area)

4. 512,000 characters can be stored in offline/inventory storage mode

5. Can be paired directly with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablets and laptops

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