2D Desktop Barcode Reader USB Omnidirectional Hands-Free For Supermarket


Model: XB-8208

The omnidirectional barcode scanner XB-8208 desktop barcode reader is black and can be a placed on a counter or a desk. It can scan and decode barcode .Plug and Play, no need for any driver or software. Hands-free design, support auto sensing and sleep modes . Hot selling 2d barcode scanner on the market.

The XB-8208 2D PDF417 barcode scanner which engineered to decode all standard 1D, PDF and 2D barcode is the most popular area-imaging scanner.
This  sleek and elegant design also blends seamlessly in retail environments, providing superior-performance scanning of all printed barcodes, and digital barcodes on any smart device. 1D & 2D High Speed Automatic hands-free Barcode Scanner: can decode various barcode.

Ksh. 8,000/- Ksh. 9,000/-

Product Features:

1.Compatible with linux android windows XP, 7/8/10 MAX.

2.Quick and accurate reading of universal 1Dand 2Dbarcode.

3.Work efficiently at the speed of 3m/s.

4.There is sound prompt that code has been read correctly.

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