Long Range Wireless Barcode Scnaner 2D Bar Code Scanner Bluetooth Scanner


Model: XB-6221RB

The syble long range barcode scanner is 2d 2.4G bluetooth barcode scanner, cost-effective. Long range wireless barcode scanner transmission distance of 50m(open a

rea). Easy to use & pair with bluetooth device. The bluetooth scanner can withstand many 1.5m drops of onto concrete.

Ksh. 5,500/- Ksh. 7,000/-

Product Features:

1.Wireless barcode reader can interpret various 1D/2D codes and support direct Chinese transmission of QR code.

2.USB Bluetooth receiver, plug and play, easy to operate and pair quickly.

3.Wireless transmission distance reaches 30-50 meters (open area).

4.512,000 characters can be stored in off-line inventory storage mode.

5.Can be paired directly with bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablet computers and latops.

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