HIK Vision ColourVu 2MP 1080p Cameras BULLET 20M

  • All weather – cameras Full channel@2MP resolution real-time recording
  • output at up to 1920×1080P resolution
  • Long transmission distance coverage
  • Support synchronous playback at 1080P resolution
  • Color day and night 20M

Ksh. 2,500/- Ksh. 3,000/-

EXPERIENCE COLOUR AT NIGHT. There is no difference in the quality of the video taken during the day and the one taken during the night. Hikvision have enhanced their night vision capabilities and are moving a notch higher.I can assure you that any time you would like to capture an event at night, it is always good to capture it as is (with the original colour);of course it would be more easy to identify with the objects.Real-Time captureYou will be amazed by the stunning image quality of Hikvision. It’s like comparing the difference between a VHS video tape and a Blu-Ray movie, allowing you to see details and colours like never before.If an incident occurs you can transfer video files to back-up media via the easily accessible USB port or save to your network.Easy InstallationInstallation and setup is easy, simply run the cable from the camera to the HD DVR and click the cables into place and you’re set. – It really is that easy. Getting Started Is A BreezeSetting up the DVR for remote viewing has never been easier or faster with Hikvision’s HD DVR software wizard guiding you through set-up and makes everyday use easier.

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