Baofeng UV-82 Long Range Walkie Talkie Radio Calls-2 Units


  • Baofeng Walkie Talkie
  • UV-82 2 Way Radio
  • Easy Communication
  • FM Transceiver
  • 128 groups of memory channels
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Built-in voice operate transmit (VOX) function

Ksh. 6,500/- Ksh. 8,600/-

The Baofeng UV-82 is stylized as a ham radio for amateurs. Looking at this feature-rich 2-way handheld radio, many folks used to handling such gadgets would have a different opinion about that.Sure, this device is not the most sophisticated around, but veteran users of walkie talkies wouldn’t mind having this as part of their gear when they need to communicate using a two-way radio.The UV-82 is an upgrade on the UV-5R and not just a fancier looking device with brighter colors.The radio comes with all the typical features of the predecessor. But straight away, one would notice that this unit is sleeker and slimmer with a few other cosmetic designs.But the obvious aesthetics apart, there are other features that qualify this device as a better, more modern walkie talkie.To get things off the road as far as using the UV-82 is concerned, you would have to program the unit. Manual programming is possible but you need to be an experienced hand with radios to load and set up the memories.

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