Tri-Band 2G 3G 4G GSM Phone Signal Booster Repeater



  1. Enhance Mobile Phone Signal Strength
  2. Improve Communication Quality
  3. Reduce Cellphone Radiation
  4. Protract Cellular Battery Life
  5.  Economic Building Cost
  6.  Easy Operation
  7.  Easy Installation
  8.  Build-in Power Supply

Ksh. 13,500/- Ksh. 15,000/-


Work for 900MHz+1800MHz+2100Mhz!! Before bid, please check the signal frequency of your place first. Otherwise, it will never work!! (There are 4 combination bands for you to choose from!)

Tri-band cellular signal repeater improves your weak mobile phone network signal, no more bad reception, no more dropping calls!! LCD display helps you monitor your real-time signal status.

Coverage up to 3000sq.ft.without obstacle.Improve 2G 3G 4G cell phone signal in your home/office/basement/village. Guarantee to improve your existing connection across multiple devices simultaneously.

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